Thursday, September 12, 2013

Colours in the Fall Garden - Part 1

~ Autumn Joy sedum ~
I'm only a few weeks behind - in everything it seems - but I do have some photos of what the gardens look like (or did a couple weeks ago).

I love the Fall Garden - while it looks a little tired, the colours are richer.

The Sedums have recovered from the deer grazing - yes, the deer ate these every year just as they were coming into flower. 
~ Globe thistle ~

The globe thistles are stunning! Love that they are spikey from their flowers down to their leaves! I hope to divide them up this fall & spread them around a bit - mix & match with the other textures in the beds.

~ lavender ~
The lavender flowered again & this time I left most of the few sprigs of blooms for the bees that are still around. It's also nice to find a stalk, pick it & rub it through your hands for a lazy afternoon pick-me up.

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