Friday, August 30, 2013

Let's See if this Works...

~ beet sprouts ~
 So, last week I had the ducks help me remove the heavy landscape fabric from one of my veggie beds - what a back breaking operation that was! (and I have 2 more to do...)

I sowed some seeds, laid Remar down & watered daily - when it wasn't raining - which is has been for most of the week. I was rewarded with some sprouts! That's the easy part... the hard part will be to have them grow to harvest-able size!

~ radish sprouts ~
I planted beets, radish, a lettuce blend & parsnips. The lettuce is an easy thing to grow at this time of year & the radishes should produce in time. The beets & parsnips... well, we shall see what happens for September & October with sunshine & temperature, but I have high hopes!

Since I rotated the soil around, there are 'mystery' sprouts of who-knows-what popping up. I will let them grow just to see what's in the soil.

I now need to figure out how to attract the worms back into the soil from below. Just might have to buy a container in the spring when I add my compost & hope they stick around!

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