Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Crocosmia vs Montbretia - it Blooms Finally!

 Another wonderful flowering spectacle in the garden this year is my patch of Crocosmia - first time blooming since being planted as the deer have eaten the blooms every year til now!

This is a South African corm that does extremely well here on the coast. I've seen recommendations to dig it up each fall (like gladiolas) but it certainly doesn't need it here!! They require a lot of room - as you can see my patch has grown very well this year & reduced our walk-way by more than half.

The hummingbirds love these flowers so I will be dividing this clump up this fall & moving them around the yard. Interestingly enough, I didn't expect this particular form of bloom - there are other forms & colours so now that I know what this one is, I will work with my neighbours to trade for other styles.

I'm looking for the lighter orange blooms that open facing up versus these red blooms that open facing down.

And as to the name 'Crocosmia' versus 'Montbretia' - that just proper name versus the English (British) name & it depends on which group of people you converse with as to which one is used.

I like how the leaves wave in the wind & they bloom at the transitional stage in the garden between late summer & early autumn blooms (white daisies to yellow goldenrod).

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