Sunday, July 14, 2013

They Grow up so 'Quackly'

 They are now just 10 weeks old & practically all 'grown up'. Well, technically they are still 'teenagers' but we are settling into our routines - on both sides of the fence.

We've introduced the ducks to cracked corn - which wasn't appreciated the first time we gave it to them, but how was I to know they would LOVE it in their snack dish, vs just sprinkled on the ground...

So now in the mornings when we let them out & give them their morning snacks, we have the corn soaking in the bowl of water & they get to play with their food - fresh lettuce greens or comfrey & a couple cubes of frozen veggie or fruit.

They still squeak & peep & beep & gurgle a lot, especially when they first emerge from the house & go for the bowl of goodies.

But they sure are messy!! Every morning - no fail - one of them (usually Sweet Pea) steps on the edge of the bowl & tips the whole thing over, spilling their food out onto the cement pad we put in their enclosure. I'm sure they do it 'on purpose' just so they can play in the mud that is created as the water runs off the pad & into the ground...

They are going through another molt & there are a lot of little under-feathers flying around the yard - their side & my side. All week I've been raking it up into a pile around the base of the stump in the enclosure - which they seem to enjoy - they'll nestle down in the pile (which includes dried grass clippings, wood shavings, moss they've ripped up & all their droppings) or they'll root through the pile looking for bugs.

Today I'm removing it all - making a clean sweep! Their pond is also really gross - full of feathers, dirt, poop & what else they decide to haul up into it when they go in. But it's a good day for Duck Maintenance - it's dry.

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