Friday, July 12, 2013

Gardens in their Glory - Part 5

~ raspberries ~
 I seem to do much better with certain berries than I do with veggies (how I miss beans & carrots...) & it's actually a relief to know I CAN harvest food, even if most of it goes straight into the freezer.

My raspberries this year are starting to come on strong. I've actually not done much in the way of thinning out or pruning the new growth coming in, so I might be in for a bit of trouble this fall when the fall harvest is ready. But for now, I head out every day after work, while the sun is still shining on the canes & I weave my way through the tall & dense canes, looking for those wonderful ripe berries. Next year, I'll have a new area ready for transplants & I'll be able to thin out my current patch quite a bit - which to help to maintain their health & vitality.

~ loganberries ~
My loganberries are a few days away from becoming full-on monsters. I did a lot of work this spring in cleaning out the old, dead canes & tying/weaving the new canes along the fencing. As a result, there are so many berries this year, I just might be able to make wine (after making my required amount of jam). I will have to find a step ladder to bring out with me as a lot of the berries are along the top & well over my reach - what was I thinking?!

Wine...that's right....

~ harvest time! ~

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