Thursday, July 11, 2013

Gardens in their Glory - Part 4

~ hydrangea ~
 The deer fence is working wonders! Nary a deer to be seen in months!

That means the hydrangeas will bloom this year...some for the first time ever! My favourite are the blues - these ones are the lace caps (versus the big mop pom-pom flower heads) & I find them a little bit more sturdy & hardy when it comes to the dry summers & then the unexpected summer rain storms. Plus they last all the way through the fall.

~ Sweet William ~
 Yes, more Sweet Williams - all grown from seeds given to me & I'm not sure if the seeds were all different sorts or if the plants have decided to alter their own appearance. These ones are going on my 'seed gathering hit list' this fall.

~ calendula ~
Ever since my mom sent me seeds for calendula, I've had to have these in the gardens. For the most part, they will self-seed or even survive the winter. I'm not too fussy about the yellows or the oranges - they are wonderful to look at & a great addition to the salads! I'm sure the ducks will eat them too, once they are finally allowed out to forage on their own.
~ spirea ~
My spirea is now starting to bloom. This shrub is supposed to be a dwarf but has taken over the entire flower bed. I will be moving it this fall (to where???!!)

~ greenhouse predators ~
 The greenhouse - a collection of pots, either empty & stacked or filled with a plant that never gets watered & a bed with extremely dry soil, no matter how often I water it. I'm really quite amazed that I actually grow tomatoes in there! While I was inspecting things yesterday, I noticed something on the underside of a tomato leaf - a spider with its dinner - an earwig. Lovely! I know I have lots of spiders in there (probably a snake or 2 as well) so I tread lightly when it comes to moving pots around as sometimes those spiders are darn huge! At least someone is getting fed from items in the greenhouse!

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