Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Gardens in their Glory - Part 3

~ Asiatic lily ~
 The lilies are now starting to show off.

Some of them I love & some of them I'm really not impressed with at all.

This Asiatic lily has no spots & no scent - forgive me, but I find it such a boring plant! It's also slightly hidden under a shrub, so it's not really in a show case spot. I should find a new home for it - maybe amongst the blues & then I would appreciate it more as it really is a healthy & strong plant.

The front flower bed is stuffed full of a huge variety of plants. Over-stuffed if you ask me, but until I figure out the rest of the yard, I'll keep things here. These are my 'Deep Purple' day lilies. Love the huge blooms & the dark colour amongst all the green.

The orange-yellow day lilies are quite nice too - a different shape & also nice contrast with the greenery.

These day lilies are not positioned properly (story of my life!) but they are a great find amongst all the other taller growing plants that surround it. I call it my 'Wild Horses' lily, but may be wrong. Who can remember the names of all the plants they purchase or find over the years??

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