Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Gardens in their Glory - Part 2

~ dianthus ~
 Continuing around the gardens these days are more flowers than veggies. I enjoy them almost as much as the insects do & the hummingbirds at least have something to go to when I'm slow to fill their feeders.

Dianthus are pretty incredible flowers. I don't know why I've not put more in!

~ foxglove ~
The foxgloves are actually almost finished & I've had to remove a few that have fallen over. Growing to 10 feet tall, I'm amazed that they stay upright for as long as they do! I'll save a few for seed, but the rest I do have to remove to make way for the later blooming plants.

~ mullein ~
 The mullein (I'm quite sure I spell this one differently every time!) all fell over during a rainfall last week, so I pruned back the mostly-spent flower stems. They will recover later on in the summer & send out another set of blooms. They are just so 'old fashioned' looking!

~ orange lily ~
 The orange lilies are quite fun too - just bright-bright-bright orange & rather small - growing to only about 12 inches tall. I'm glad I planted them along the edge of a flower bed or else they might disappear in the lavender plants beside them!

~ peony ~
A few of the other peonies bloomed this year too. This one is supposed to be pink, but is more white than I anticipated. I wonder if it will change over the years as it becomes more established. Either way, I'm pleased to see the blooms.

 Now that the front flower bed isn't overwhelmed with feverfew, I find that I miss having so much of it around! Funny how that happens... I'll see about saving some seed & spreading it some of my more difficult growing spots... let it get wild again...

~ feverfew ~

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