Monday, July 8, 2013

Gardens in their Glory - Part 1

~ Sweet William ~
 I spend a lot of time outdoors these days & now that we have ducks, I have given over most of my computer time to them, which makes sense... But I've fallen behind in keeping up with my garden blogging & notes.

I'll try not to overwhelm with too many photos.

Please enjoy a short break:

Sweet Williams - the deer habitually ate these early in the spring, which resulted in bushier plants that produced a lot of blooms. I'm wondering if I will have to pinch them back from now on to achieve the same results.

~ violet ~

Little violets are just darling - unfortunately, they get lost around here. The fun thing is, I've never planted them! They've come in as volunteers from somewhere. I'm good with that!

~ borage ~

The borage is now in bloom & I love the blue! The bees do to, so I try not to take all the blooms for my salads. I'm going to try to gather seeds again this year & encourage them to grow in other places other than the veggie beds.

~ Cascadia pea ~

I'm learning & beginning to understand just what it means to be a Wet, West Coast gardener - especially since I live in the 'fog zone' - it's cooler here, usually the summers are very dry & cool due to the fog & we just don't get those 'dog days' of summer that allow us to grow things such as tomatoes & peppers outside.

I can grow peas. Yup - peas are easy & very prolific. Now, if only I can figure out how to grow them so that I'm not overwhelmed with tons of peas all at once!! (Successive seeding would work if I could remember not to put all the seeds in at once!)
~ red peony ~

 I have memories of peonies at my mom's house - huge bushes with large, fragrant blooms... I'm trying to recreate that here with 11 plants strategically planted around the property. It's very slow going... But this year I was rewarded with a red bloom! Not quite the red advertised, but I'll take it.

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