Tuesday, June 11, 2013

We've Adopted....

~ 1 week old ducks ~
 At the beginning of April when a friend & I attended at Seedy Saturday event in the next town, we also stopped at a farm to pick up a dozen duck eggs.

On May 6th, my friend hatched the eggs in her indoor incubator & one of her chickens became their mother. There were 7 of the little ducks.

~ 2 1/2 week old ducks ~

 We could already see there would be different colours in the ducks & we believe that there is a mix of Pekin & Muscovy.
~ 3 1/2 week old ducks ~

 I was amazed at how quickly they grew! I've never owned a duck before, but decided to take the leap & adopt a couple of them for my yard, especially since we are now fully secured with the deer fencing. Their primary purpose is to be bug eaters - once they are large enough to roam the yard on their own during the day.
~ 3 1/2 week old ducks ~

 Since they've been living with chickens since birth, I have the feeling they think they are chickens too - they eat everything green thrown into the chicken pen... We'll have to remind them they are ducks...
~ 4 week old ducks ~

 At 4 weeks they starting growing their adult feathers & we suddenly noticed that there were mallard colourings in a couple of them! They still have their peepy voices, but their little tails are now curled up.
~ 4 week old ducks ~

 They are the size of most of the chickens they've been living with & now that our house & enclosure is done, we decided it was time to move them in.

 We decided to adopt 3 of them & we chose the 3 smallest, which turned out to be 3 'white' ones. There is one little duck that has a lighter coloured bill than the other 2, so there might be some mix in this duck.
~ 5 weeks old! ~
I'll have to take some more photos, but this was our new addition to the garden this morning. When we moved them in, we should have either put them into their house for the night, or popped all three into their new pond where splashing in the water might have calmed them down a bit.

They are very freaked out by their new home - the fence is just 4 feet tall & allows full view of the yard & the road, which they are not used to. They've lived behind a 4 foot cedar fence that didn't allow them to see out. Plus I'm sure they are missing all the chickens & the rest of their hatchling mates. It also doesn't help that we are rather excited to have ducks & we just want to see them & be with them...kinda silly. Then last night we had to traumatize them yet again by herding them into a corner & toss them into their house as they just didn't seem to understand they needed to go in for the night.

Today I let them out & they immediately ran to the back corner & looked rather stressed. So, while I was at work, the hubby put up some plywood around the fence to give them a bit more sense of security. I hope we don't have to leave it up too long, but if we need to give them more security, we might have to build some sort of permanent fence around them - especially if they are going to be running around the rest of the yard in a few weeks!

So, it will be interesting to see if we have to toss them back into the house tonight - but I kinda don't think so as they seem to have spent most of the day in the house, according to the hubby.

I hope to keep up with photos. The rest of the yard is looking great despite my lack of attention once again this year.

Did I not get around to telling you about the Mason Bees I got this spring?

Or how about my becoming a drop-off spot for Pig Poop? Yup - I'm composting poop now too...

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