Sunday, June 23, 2013

Only a Week Ago...

~ basket of gold ~
 Was it only a week ago that I had time to take these pictures?

Time IN the garden moves slowly - it's when you are desperate to GET INTO the garden that times flies by!! At least I had my camera with me last week during my therapy session...

~ Siberian iris ~
My clump of purple iris - which has needed to be divided now for about 3 years... is now finished blooming. But I got to spend time with them.

~ bearded iris ~
 My favourite bearded iris has also finished blooming, but I found blooms in spots they weren't blooming in before - it's hard to keep track of where you put which variety of bearded iris as they all look the same when being moved!

~ foxgloves & wolf's bane ~
The wolf's bane are lush this year & also need to be divided. Love that they contrast in colour & in in texture with the foxgloves around them. Also glad that they stand up on their own - a rule in my gardens.

Why is it I never realize in the spring when things are small & easily moved, that they need to be divided?? The wolf's bane are taking over the bed - well, with strong competition from the spirea, astilbe, lavender & forget-me-nots...

Looks like garden overhauls are on the horizon!

But at least I got to spend time with them - last week....

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