Thursday, May 23, 2013

Operation Deer Fence Installation: Part 3 - What's on the Other Side of the Fence

~ bear poo on the other side (thankfully!) ~
Disrupting life in Mother Nature's realm is never simple. I want to stop the deer from wrecking havoc on my gardens, so I installed a 'deer proof' fence.

Well, there are other creatures who use those same paths that deer walk & I am now interfering with their habits & habitat. This creature is our local black bear & today was the first time we noticed any sign of the bear(s).

The fence along the back of the property is right on the edge of 'the wilds' & we know the deer walk through there all the time. I also knew that the bear would wander down along the drainage ditch that runs down one side of our property & out the back into 'the wilds' between our neighbouring houses. The bear has never eaten the blueberries or raspberries even though they are right along his path & all I've ever noticed of its presence were big piles of poo.

Today we noticed a small section of fence had been 'pulled down' one of the posts a couple of feet & further along I found the poo on the other side of the fence. Thankfully not on our side of the fence!! I'm sure the bear wandered along wondering what this new thing was in its path & pulled at it a couple times to see if it would move or would be easily demolished. Not really - it's pretty secure.

I will continue to monitor the fence line (probably for years to come) & make sure that it's secure at the top & bottom & that there continues to be no reason for the bear to want to come into the yard - I would hate to have that bear cornered if it got in somehow & couldn't figure out how to get out!!

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