Friday, May 10, 2013

Operation Deer Fence Installation - Part 2

~ driveway gate ~
I'm a little behind in my photos & writing, but have a few moments this morning before dashing off to work.

We did get the driveway gate installed - here it is before we finished hanging up the rest of the fence (next blog post I hope!). It looks huge & awkward, but it's not really.

I do have to figure out a way to tie on some extra fencing on the bottom edge as this is the one spot for major concern. The deer will sneak in underneath (eventually) as we had to raise the fence a bit in order for it to swing all the way in.

Currently, each day after work, I'm out there working on the final details of the fence. My pruners broke before I could clear all the brambles & growth from the fence line, so I'm cleaning it up & securing the fence at ground level with logs & rocks. We also have reflective tape to cut & put on the gates so that people won't bump into them in the middle of the night. We use headlamps out here (no street lights!) so sometimes we don't see things until we are literally right on top or into it.

I have the feeling the deer are right freaked out & haven't yet made any attempt at sneaking in - I have a rose plant that they ate a month or so ago & it's making a come back quite nicely - a sure sign that the deer are no longer present. So I have removed one - and only one! - area from solitary confinement as a 'test plot' - it holds my kale (which were munched but came back) & may candy tuft (pretty white flowers that were heavily munched too). I'm going to wait til the fence is all secure before removing any more plant protection - gotta play it safe for a while longer!

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