Friday, April 5, 2013

Planting Pots with....Rocks?

~ pot of rocks ~
Another project tackled was finding a solution for a couple of areas where water was smashing the soil, making it near impossible to grow plants.

There are a couple of 'drip spots' that come from the roof - about 35 feet above the ground & during the rainy months of winter, all the soil I put down in the summer is smashed & splashed & pounded away.

So, I thought 'why not plant a pot of rocks under the drip to divert the drips?'

The above photo shows more plant loss than the photo on the left, so I will have to find a few plants to insert soon to help disguise my pot of rocks. I might also remove a few rocks, so it's not so obvious.

The other 2 pots (this one on the left is one of them) are in the front flower bed which has other challenges of a different sort, but I'm hoping that this will help alleviate soil erosion & encourage plants to stay where they are planted, instead of migrating away from the massive drip zone.

Never thought I'd plant rocks, but since I have such an issue with remembering to water my pots, this should be a successful venture!

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