Monday, April 1, 2013

First Harvest of the Season!

~ April 1st ~
No, this is no April Fool's joke.... I actually harvested my first rhubarb today!

One of my favorite websites for recipes has a wonderful selection of what to do with rhubarb & I hope to try at least one of them today (braised rhubarb with halibut?)

~ February 13th ~
It was a great feeling back in February when I saw the first signs of rhubarb emerging from the mulch.

~ March 15th ~
I cleared away the mulch & compost & popped on the large pots & buckets to encourage the stalks to grow quickly in their search for sunlight.

It doesn't take long.
~ April 1st ~
The weather has been wonderful for the last week - much warmer temperatures than the first day of Spring, so I've left the buckets off for a few days & the plants most certainly appreciated it.

Now that I've removed some of the stalks (usually the thickest & tallest), I will water the crowns (they actually remain very dry under the buckets & pots) & I'll put the covers back on & wait a few more weeks. I have other plants that are a few weeks behind, so hopefully I'll be staggering my harvest times & able to enjoy fresh rhubarb more regularly for the next few months.

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