Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Uncovering Cutworms

I was clearing around the base of my currant bushes this weekend & uncovered a surprise: cutworm larvae!

I still have some reading to do in regards to these critters, but I do know that they have done some serious damage in my veggie gardens - namely on the kale plants.

Check out Linda Gilkeson's books or website here to see what you are looking for.

It seems one of the ways to deal with them - especially now that I know they are already established in my beds - is to starve them out. Meaning - don't have overwintered items... That doesn't sit well with me as I like to have edibles year round...

They will also eat the first thing they encounter when they emerge from the soil in the evening - seedlings are the number one choice (which is why my kale crops kept failing last year!)

If you purchase larger starts it is recommended to use a cardboard collar around the stem to protect your investment. Looks like I'll start saving my toilet paper rolls for Arts & Crafts day in the gardens! :)

I wonder what other strategies I can use to reduce the number of cutworms (& moths that they eventually become)... will have to do some Arm Chair Gardening this week, especially since it looks like it will rain all week long.

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