Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring into Small Projects

OK - so they are ugly as sin... but we are now 'mosquito proofing' our rain water supply in a more efficient manner.

Last year was the never-ending-constant-hatching-seriously-icky mosquito paradise environment in my rain barrels & I resolved to end it this year & early in the season.

I just purchased some window screening - which, we all know, keeps mosquitoes out of the house - cut it to cover over the wide open, very full rain barrels & we - for complete lack of proper planning - duct taped it to the barrels... Now, we did at least think to use UV resistant/outdoor duct tape, so it should last at least a year... but man, they are U-gly!

I do have high hopes of (eventually) putting some fencing around these & growing some sort of vine up the fence - sweet peas? beans? clematis? maybe something that is green year-round??

Small project #1 done!

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