Monday, March 18, 2013

Sentenced to 'Life - Solitary Confinement'

~ solitary confinement - skid row ~
Just a couple weeks too late, I have finally offered my rhododendrons a chance at life. Granted, it will be life in solitary confinement, surrounded by a cage, not being able to be touched or admired up close, but at least it will be life & not constant torture & abuse from the deer.

Yes, the deer have munched on my rhodos again. I planted these lovely rhodos last year & they did bloom (see here) before they were munched on by the deer. I had hoped that the deer would find other things to eat (like GRASS!) but that is just not the case.

~ 'Mary Flemming' confined ~
Here is my poor 'Mary Flemming' with little than less of her leaves left.

It hurts to see that sometimes Mother Nature just doesn't make sense, but I know there are steps that I can take to ensure that plants are given a better chance.

I just don't like that I can no longer get up-close & personal with some of my plants!

~ blue hydrangea confined ~

This particular cage is the one that bothers me the most - it's just huge! I want to camouflage the back steps a bit with a nice bushy shrub that has the most stunning blue flowers, but this poor hydrangea was destined to a difficult life right from the start. If I had dynamite, it would have made planting in this particular spot easier & since then, I've been tossing on whatever 'used' soil I can find.

This year, the deer ate the tender buds on the outer edge before I installed the fence - which has to be wide to allow for growth. I really hope it will recover & I'll have to bring in some more soil to encourage it.

Sometimes, just talking to plants is not enough!

So, until I can install a proper perimeter fence (yes, it has come to enclosing myself within my own compound) I will have to continue installing small confinement cells. Maybe I can grow annual vines up the cages to help with the visual - any suggestion?

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