Friday, March 29, 2013

Pollinators - Time to Get Busy!

~ bee resting in daffodil ~
After that crazy chilly weather that Mother Nature announced to be the start of Spring, She has relented this week with much milder weather & sunshine.

You can literally hear things growing!

I wandered around the gardens yesterday late afternoon - wanting to just have a moment with the birds & the bees (which are quite loud when you stop a moment to actually listen to them!)

~ gooseberry flower buds ~
The mason bees have been back for a while now, but until just the few weeks, haven't made themselves obviously known.

They are so important at this time of year, especially when there are early blooming flowers & fruiting shrubs!

I find that my gooseberries are the first of all my fruits to send out blossoms & if the weather has been strange in any way (too wet, too windy, too cold), the bees might miss the opportunity to pollinate the blossoms & it really affects the chance of a harvest later in the year.

I know there are ways to help with this - a paint brush or q-tip has been mentioned in other gardening circles, but I prefer to cross my fingers & let Mother Nature work Her magic.

My gooseberry shrubs are still pretty small, so I'm not really too intent on having high harvests but I have been watching & learning & maybe one of these years, I'll install some mason bee houses & have more spring blooming plants to encourage their activity. 

~ lazy sunny afternoon nap ~

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