Sunday, February 17, 2013

Other Spring Rituals

~ rhubarb sprouting ~
Another easy spring chore (I call them rituals) involves the hunt for the first rhubarb sprouts. This particular plant was already sprouting around Christmas, so this is kind of cheating...

I dump compost on the plants during the winter to protect the crowns, but come February when there are warm sunny days, I gently move the compost around to see if there are sprouts & clear a small bit away from them. The slugs in the compost will nibble at these fresh greens & we don't want that. I then put a bit of fertilizer around the plant (usually what ever I have left over from last season, so it might be lime or bone meal or blood meal - just a sprinkle) & then I grab my 5 gallon bucket, turn it upside down & plunk it over the top.

Done! I'll be harvesting fresh rhubarb in a few weeks.

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