Sunday, January 27, 2013

Seville Orange Marmalade with Meyer Lemons

~ Meyer lemons & Seville oranges ~
It's that wonderful time of year once again for experimenting with jams & jellies - this time: marmalade! Not your typical store-bought slightly flavoured, barely noticeable citrus spread either.

I spent quite a bit of time last winter searching for just the right recipe & found this one on, (a great site to search through for anything!) which is called Dundee-Style Marmalade.

If you've never made marmalade before, sometimes it's best to work with someone who has as it can be a bit intimidating. (The first time I made marmalade almost 20 years ago was re-labeled ice cream sauce...)

Seville oranges are not exactly your edible-type orange. You can try one if you want, but they don't seem to have very much juice or meat underneath the rind. On the other hand, the Meyer lemons are delightfully sweet & extremely juicy - these I would not hesitate to use in a shish kebab with some prawns on the BBQ!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Just a Quick Peek

~ primrose ~
Quick - before the clouds open up again & bring more rain!!

I grabbed my camera & ran outside to see what's happening in the gardens today.

After a couple weeks in snowy Alberta, I am happy to be back on the green, wet coast - even if it's colder out there than I thought (no frost right now, mind you...)

The primroses are starting to put out more leaves & flower buds. There are already pots of these lovelies in the stores & soon they'll be priced at only $1.00!! Can't wait to buy a flat to bring home & tuck in around the gardens.

What else happens in January?