Saturday, December 15, 2012

Not Fully Admitting to the Winter Season

~ red peppers ~
 I'm just not 100% ready to admit that it's winter... That's such a hard season to visualize in this town. We live so close to the water that the temperatures remain pretty moderate, even during those 'deep freeze' times we have where the water lines freeze & explode.

I remembered just the other day that I still had some peppers in the greenhouse. I'm so glad I did - I ate them right there while talking with my pots of rosemary & other herbs I hauled in for overwintering. Those peppers were the sweetest peppers I had ever eaten! Just shows that leaving them on the plant to fully ripen is the best way to enjoy their flavour!

~ raspberries ~
I've been keeping my eye out for the birds in the raspberry canes, hoping to catch an opportunity to take a photo of the Stellar Jays eating the still-present fruit. But those birds are so used to me shooing them away that they fly into the bushes & mock me while I stand by the raspberries & eat a few. Yes, they are still out there for eating! I'm letting the birds have the rest over the winter - I've got plenty to last me the rest of the year in the freezer!
~ Egyptian wandering onions ~

I still have a few areas in the gardens & beds that require clean-up, but I'm at that stage now where I'll be out there in February working on my spring start-up, so might as well leave things they way they are. I'm seeing lots of sprouting & reseeded plants & one of my favourite are the Egyptian wandering onions. They'll just re-sprout wherever they fall & provide tasty green shoots to add to salads, soups or just for a nibble while wandering around.

I should spread these around to more of my flower beds - I have a crazy idea that if the deer encounter them, say in the spring - they'll eat the tasty shoots of the onion instead of the tasty shoots of my shrubs, or if they encounter them in the summer when they are larger & of a much stronger flavour, the deer will move on instead of nosing around for those tasty shrubs behind the onions.
I did say that was a crazy idea....

~ lilac buds ~

I love that some shrubs will set their leaf buds in the fall - gives you a hint of promise over the winter that they will do the unexpected (well, expected for the last 3 years) & actually FLOWER the following spring. I love lilacs & have many around the yard. Do I really have to wait another 3 or 4 years for them to flower??

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