Monday, November 5, 2012

Seeking Help for my Hoya

~ hoya ~
 I really need some help with my hoya plant. The poor thing has this white stuff growing in the crevices, under the leaves & along the flower buds.

This has been going on for many months & I'm now starting to wonder if the fate of my plant is not a positive one.

During the summer I have left it outside for a few days & hosed it off to rid the plant of whatever this is, but obviously I'm not doing enough.

~ hoya~
Now that I've finally taken an up-close photo, I can see that it is not necessarily a fungus but rather an insect!! Aphids??

When I squish/clean them off, they leave an orange residue.

This is not good & I'm very concerned for my poor hoya. I've had her for almost 9 years, grown from a cutting from a neighbour up the hill. It took 7 years for her to flower & every year, she blooms more & more.

She still seems relatively happy - dropping a few leaves now & again & she has gone through a bloom even with these nasties on her.

Anyone have any suggestions?? I've got her hanging outside right now & will hose her off, but I'm not too hopeful for her return to the house...


Heather said...

looks like mealy bugs
here is a page from garden web with the same problem

Michelle's Green Thumb said...

I brought back my plant into the house & put her in quarantine for a few days. Fresh soil with some fertilizer was added & then I did some deep-intense-hands-on therapy. I went over every single leave & stem & vine with a whole lot of q-tips dipped in rubbing alcohol (yes, a bit drastic). I removed the leaves that were too heavily infested & opened up the base of the plant at the soil level.

So far, now over a month later, she seems to be doing much better. I will have to haul her down before we leave on vacation to do another inspection, but I believe I have caught the little critters in time.

Now to see how long it will take for the poor plant to recover & put out another bloom...