Monday, November 26, 2012

It's Now Finally Winter

 I'm slowly getting back into my gardens - strange, now that it's the end of the gardening season... But I am finally finding the time & the energy to explore & see what's happened while I've been 'away' - not physically, just mentally.

Winter sunshine is also that much more special, so I try to get outside to enjoy it as much as possible.

Things take on a different look too. Like the frosty mornings - love how everything sparkles - even if there isn't much colour in a leaf - it's got some great shapes to appreciate.
 There will come a day, very soon, when I won't be able to go outside to nibble on fresh raspberries. I see that the Stellar Jays have finally found them & are eating those they can find, but I really don't mind sharing at this time of year.
 I love calendula - I wish I had planted up a few pots that I could have brought up to the deck for the winter. They usually flower right on through the cold dreary days, as long as they are protected from too much rain & are able to warm up during the day. For now, I'll enjoy the remaining blooms out in the garden & hope that all the seeds that I didn't save, somehow make it through to the spring & reseed themselves.

Primroses are darlings too - tuck them in any dry or rocky spot & they'll survive with minimal care. Again, another plant that if protected from too much rain or soggy soil & able to warm up during the day, will flower right on through winter. 

I'm still not finished with all the garden chores - there are a few plants that need to be cut back & other random tasks to be done, but for now, I'll just enjoy the sunshine & the frost as it melts.

We'll see what this week brings - I can tell there is a storm brewing because we are holding our community Craft Sale on Saturday & it's tradition to have snow & a power outage on that day! Well, it just wouldn't feel very festive if it were sunny & warm, now would it?

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