Monday, October 15, 2012

Hope for Beans

~ scarlett runner beans ~
Ok, my love of beans has returned in the form of the runner bean. This was my first year for growing them & I didn't have very high expectations due to my previous (& continuing failure) with bush beans. Hence I probably didn't pay as much attention to them during the garden preparation, sowing & eventual growing as I might have if I had grown them before.

It might also have been the fact that the weather in September was incredible & the beans responded in kind.

Whatever my initial attitude, my response has brought some hope to my future choices in veggies for my gardens.

I was happy to see the beans actually flower for me & grow up the trellis that I had put in place. 

When the beans start to grow, they don't take long to reach a large size! The great thing with runner beans is that you can be picking for longer periods in the summer (or early Autumn) than you would with bush beans. I like longer harvest times so I can enjoy the fruits/veggies of my labour in more creative ways.

 Well into October I'm still harvesting out of the gardens. The beans will more than likely be finished soon, but the raspberries are producing record size & quantities for this time of year.

While I pick them together, I've not actually come up with a recipe that combines both beans & raspberries... I just like the way their bright colours look together.

We had our first storm of the season this weekend & we are slated to be hit again later this afternoon with winds & rain. I'm going to head out to see what's left on the bean vines, pick up my sunflowers that have gone ~splat~ onto the lawn & see what's ready for picking off the raspberry canes.

I really do like this time of year...

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