Monday, October 15, 2012

Hope for Beans

~ scarlett runner beans ~
Ok, my love of beans has returned in the form of the runner bean. This was my first year for growing them & I didn't have very high expectations due to my previous (& continuing failure) with bush beans. Hence I probably didn't pay as much attention to them during the garden preparation, sowing & eventual growing as I might have if I had grown them before.

It might also have been the fact that the weather in September was incredible & the beans responded in kind.

Whatever my initial attitude, my response has brought some hope to my future choices in veggies for my gardens.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

~ blackberries & raspberries ~
What a wonderful weekend here on the West Coast! We've had record amounts of sunshine & warm temperatures but unfortunately also record lows for rainfall. Right now there are developing concerns for the fish returning to dry streams, creeks & rivers to spawn... many of us have high hopes for the return of the rains, even though it means the end to our glorious Autumn weather.

So, while the weather continues to be more like summer than summer actually was, I'm outside for as long as I can. I'm in the midst of one of the best Autumn harvests of raspberries that I've ever seen - they are actually larger than the blackberries that are still on the canes!