Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Buzzing in the Blooms

~ hoverfly on goldenrod ~
 September sunshine is a glorious thing. It brings out so many things, including this gardener! I have returned to my gardens with a renewed sense of calm & enthusiasm. This summer was difficult in learning to adjust to working full-time (well, I still haven't adjusted, but am working on it) & realizing that I am skimping on some essentials that are required for growing food.
1) soil - I need to add fresh soil to all my veggie beds & should do so each year.
2) feeding - because of the heavy rains during the winter & the very well draining soil we have out here, I really do need to add compost teas on a more regular basis to help the plants.
3) watering - strange but true - we have mini-droughts through the summer (mostly August) & I need to water more consciously.

This weekend I spent some much needed time just enjoying & observing the things that are in the garden. My favourite spot was just at the end of my deck where I have a clump of goldenrod. It was simply a-buzz with insects feeding off the pollen & nectar that these tall, stately plants provide - a much needed food source for the insects at this time of year.

~ goldenrod with bees ~

~ goldenrod with hoverfly ~
 The hoverfly - as I learned yesterday - is an important pollinator & the adults will eat pollen & nectar. The larvae are also beneficial as they will eat aphids & other harmful pests in the veggie beds. I'm glad to see so many of them!
~ bee on Helenium ~
 I am currently researching the bee populations that are in our area. I know we have bumble bees, honey bees & mason bees, but have yet to figure out which ones I'm currently seeing. I hope to get this identified as I was interested in getting mason bees this coming spring to help pollinate my berry bushes & promote a better crop.
~ hoverfly on Helenium ~
September feels like a return to summer. I think this weather will continue for another few weeks & I plan on getting out to enjoy it to its fullest!
Happy September!!

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