Sunday, September 30, 2012

Winter Squash

~ Kabocha Buttercup Squash ~
My winter squash is holding up very well considering how late it is in the year, unless this is what squash do. I've not grown winter squash before, so am really just winging it.

This variety is a Japanese pumpkin: Kabocha Buttercup. The package says it has a sweet, yellow flesh - ideal for pies & tempura. I should expect fruit in the 1 kg size.

Yesterday I took a good hard look at the patch - it's gone a bit wild, exploding through the deer netting & spreading down & around the yard. There are twining tendrils that help the plant grow up & secure itself to any surface.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Buzzing in the Blooms

~ hoverfly on goldenrod ~
 September sunshine is a glorious thing. It brings out so many things, including this gardener! I have returned to my gardens with a renewed sense of calm & enthusiasm. This summer was difficult in learning to adjust to working full-time (well, I still haven't adjusted, but am working on it) & realizing that I am skimping on some essentials that are required for growing food.
1) soil - I need to add fresh soil to all my veggie beds & should do so each year.
2) feeding - because of the heavy rains during the winter & the very well draining soil we have out here, I really do need to add compost teas on a more regular basis to help the plants.
3) watering - strange but true - we have mini-droughts through the summer (mostly August) & I need to water more consciously.