Saturday, August 4, 2012

Harvesting in Summer

~ peas please ~
Looks like we've finally made it to summer weather! The sun is shining (no fog this morning) & it's hot. I actually watered the gardens today - first time in a long while...

The peas are still growing & producing lots - more than I can eat in one sitting, so I might have to get creative in the kitchen. I don't like freezing peas, they just don't taste the same.

I planted (multiple times) 3 different varieties & of course, promptly lost the labels or just didn't bother with them. So, I have snow peas, snap peas & shelling peas all coming up together. Doesn't bother me!

While I prefer the snow pea variety (thin & crisp), the husband prefers the 'thicker' peas - more than likely the shelling peas that I harvest before they develop the sweet little pea inside. I can't wait that long & the harvest of shelling peas in my small garden is hardly worth the effort.

So, peas are on the menu for tonight's dinner - or might be the whole dinner as I think I still have some in the fridge from last week's harvest!

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