Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Start of the Jelly-Making Season

~ spiced pear jelly ~
The delightful sounds of can lids popping is echoing through the house & the amazing scent of spiced pears is wafting around the kitchen.... mmmm.... Wish I had a bowl of vanilla ice cream over which I could drizzle a bit of this jelly!!

With the 2012 berry harvest about to commence, it's time I worked on the abundant harvest from 2011, which is still in my berry freezer. Tonight I started off with something 'simple' - my spiced pear jelly. Since I've never had plain pear jelly, I don't know how it compares, but this blend reminds me of Christmas & would be simply astounding on a roasted duck or turkey with fresh cranberry sauce on the side... Or maybe mixed in with a pumpkin pie....

It is also very nicely paired with a creamy blue cheese & some fresh baguette!

Just saying - jams & jellies are not just for morning toast & this blend should definitely not be eaten with peanut butter!! (pb just gets in the way of the flavour!)

(Flavour Hint: star anise, green cardamon, black cardamon, fresh ginger - this is cooked with the pear pieces & then strained out through a jelly bag)

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