Friday, July 20, 2012

Lavender Jelly - Round 2

~ lavender infusion ~
Last night I went round 2 with lavender jelly, using some modifications to the recipe(s) I had found on the internet.

I used dried lavender this time & for my steeped infusion, I used 6 cups of boiling water to 1 cup of dried blossoms. I left it overnight (and actually all the next day as I ran out of time in the morning to strain out the blossoms). This is the colour of the infusion. Not really a joyful colour...

I decided to try the more traditional recipe style as found in the Certo Pectin box. I used 6 cups of liquid (when I strained out the lavender blossoms, I ended up with only 5 cups of infusion, so just added 1 cup of water), 1/4 cup of lemon juice (which changed the colour), 1 package of Certo Pectin crystals (light) mixed with 1/4 cup of sugar - the pectin was whisked into the liquids before I turned on the heat.

Then I just boiled the liquids & added the sugar (4 1/4 cups more). Brought the pot back up to a full rolling boil for about 1 minute (more like 2 minutes as I ran out to pick some fresh lavender blossoms to put on the top of jelly once it was poured into the jars).

I then poured the jelly into my small jars - I'm using the small 125 ml jars this year for some of my specialty jams & jellies as I'm putting together 'Hostess Gift' packages - a stack of 3 different flavours to use with cheese & crackers.

The colour is not that crazy sparkly pink of my first attempt, but it's also not a pale purple. This probably has to do with how many blossoms I used in my infusion. The flavour is stunning & I'm sure it will mature over the next few weeks to months - which will be interesting to monitor (...mmmm....)

Next time I make this jelly, I'll use less lavender (2/3 cup to 6 cups water for the infusion) & I might try using white wine vinegar (2 Tbsp) instead of the lemon juice.

Now to find the perfect cheese to pair up with this!!

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tom | tall clover farm said...

Nice work! Jelly making is a little tricky and yours looks like a jewel!