Monday, July 9, 2012

~ fingerling potatoes & garlic ~
It was quite a great weekend out here - we seem to finally be getting some summer sunshine!

For the most part, I just wandered around deadheading, pulling grass & checking out each area of the garden to see what's happening.

In one of my veggie beds - the 'herb' bed, I noticed the garlic was starting to fall over. Now, I'm still new to growing garlic & I think it's been in the ground for almost 2 years. I recall planting my first garlic in the wrong season & have since lost track of it all.

So I decided to just dig them all up & see what they look like. I don't have a photo of my ending harvest, but I was rather pleased. The ones in the bowl above are the smallest bulbs & will be eaten pretty much right away. The rest I scrubbed off the dirt & attempted to tie my first garlic braid & will hopefully be able to replant again this fall.

The fingerling potatoes were planted February 27th & were the ones I saved from my harvest of last year. I really like the fingerling potatoes - even if I'm not eating them myself right now. I'm on a cleanse & have eliminated certain foods - for a while. But I thought the husband would appreciate some freshly harvested roasted potatoes. I just popped the taters & garlic into a glass dish with a bit of water (no oil for me thank you) & a dash of salt & bingo-bango - awesomeness.... The garlic was heavenly!! Must remember to grow much more in the coming years! 
~ pea trellis ~

 Last week I removed the netting from the pea trellis bed - the peas were getting tangled in the net & were being bent. I decided to brave the deer browsing & just let the peas be free - so far, so good!

I harvested a good sized handful, which the husband also enjoyed with dinner. I have peas growing in large pots on the deck & have them supported with tomato cages - just noticed they are also starting to produce too.

I'm glad I didn't build the trellis much higher - I'd not be able to reach the top! Now, to see if the other beds with trellis built for the runner beans will produce the same - am still having issues with pill bugs munching down the newly emerging plants...

~ jungle greenhouse ~
 My greenhouse is turning into its typical summer jungle - although this year, things seem to be more contained. I have 4 tomato plants growing without the constraints of tomato cages. I'm taking a bit of a risk here - the plants are doing very well & I just stabbed some bamboo poles in around each plant - 1 on each side - as a support. They all have loads of flowers & are doing quite well considering I'm not a daily waterer nor weekly feeder. I'm also trying the 'no pruning' technique this year. Let the suckers be!!

I've also got Bull's Horn peppers in pots (some were supposed to have been planted in the ground, but I ran out of space in here), but I thought I would tuck them down along the front edge of the bed - ease of watering & maybe to help hide the peppers from aphids...

I still have loads of lettuce & other greens down around the 'maters & I'm hoping the cilantro I planted will make an appearance soon.

I'll be honest - my greenhouse is quite different than what other people use or have. If it's a sunny or just a warm day, I pop open the door. I like to let in the insects - pollinators & predators are welcome! And I don't like to have it too steamy - means I have to go in & water more frequently. The tomatoes don't seem to mind either.
~ harvest potential ~

 I have some tomatoes that I'm keeping in the 1 gallon pots for the season. I figured that with a containment on container size, they would stay small & produce early. We shall see...

They are currently going along with that theory & have a few small tomatoes starting to develop.

I might just grow them this way from now on if this works. The monsters I had last year didn't produce & required too much attention. I'm becoming a very lazy gardener & it seems to be paying off!

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