Friday, June 1, 2012

Trying to Keep Up

 While I'm waiting for the grass to dry, it's a great time to catch up on some photos & notes on what's going on in the gardens. I think it's been at least 2 weeks since I've done a full manicure on the lawn & if there were more wild flowers hidden in the grass, I just might be tempted to let it go to meadow this year. Unfortunately, dandelions don't count...

The front flower bed has gone through one of its seasonal changes - the basket of gold alyssm & ajuga are now finished & since this photo have been dead-headed. Soon there will be other colours popping out - probably by the time I'm able to get back out there!

~ flag iris ~
 My one & only clump of - wait, what colour IS this? Blue or purple?? - anyway, my only clump is now starting to bloom. I do believe that it's about time for me to divide it as the centre is now an empty space. Tack that one on the 'fall to-do list'!

~ purple lupin ~

The only lupin plant I have is a monster! The poor thing actually needs to have some support as I noticed after our wonderful storm last night, it has fallen over on one side. This baby will keep blooming all summer long - as long as I dead-head it religiously.

~ perennial bachelor button ~

I quite enjoy these bachelor buttons & have added them to the fall list for division. I've tried to grow these from seeds I've saved or gathered from else where, but have had much better success with plant divisions from people who have them spreading like wild fire through their gardens. Maybe in a few years I'll be having issues like that... 

~ pink columbine ~

Columbines are such dainty things that are surprisingly robust. The deer came along & munched the just-emerging flowers & within a week, new flower shoots were appearing lower down on the stem!

~ purple columbine ~

Virtually carefree, I let the columbines figure life out on their own. It's amazing where they will decide to take a hold. I make sure to gather seeds every fall & throw them all over the place - of course, never remembering where I've seeded or how many times I've seeded one area. 

~ Spanish lavender ~

I've figured out that this variety of lavender seems to do better out here than they typical English lavender. Don't know why - might be these ones prefer the damper weather - especially if they are out in the middle of yard where they get the full force of the winter rains.

Now is the time of year when the yard is covered in purple.

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