Sunday, June 10, 2012

Flags & Beards

~ blue flag iris ~
Yesterday was my 'Iris Day'. I enjoy watching the gardens go through their changes & it seems I've gotten a bit more of a handle on having a continuous parade of blooms throughout the yard.

The first of the iris to emerge in bloom are my blue flag iris. I love the details of the petals with that extra hit of yellow. This particular patch now has the characteristic 'donut' hole in the centre, which means I'll be digging up the patch this fall, dividing & replanting. Perfect! I want to move some of them around the rest of the yard.

~ yellow bearded iris ~

The next set of iris to start are my bearded iris. I don't have names for any of my flowers - most of them were gifts from other people's gardens. But I do love the yellow of these ones. Plus they are huge!

They seem to really enjoy the spot they are in now & have spread out quite a bit. I'm going to let them be for at least another flowering season, but will have to divide them up too as I have a few other plants in behind that are being crowded out by the iris leaves. It's amazing how much room these require!

 Years ago I bought a bunch of other iris varieties - some of the labeled 'Dutch' iris & then some 'Eye of the Tiger' iris. Unfortunately, I lost many of them due to a flooded garden for an entire winter. I did my best to rescue as many bulbs & plants, but in the process, have lost track of which was what & where they eventually ended up. But it seems after a few years of recovery, they have decided to bloom this year.

I have them spread out randomly & hope in the years to come they decide to multiply. So far, it's just one bloom in each spot.

I did have another one that had dark blue petals with bright yellow centers, but had to pick it & bring it to work.

 So far, the deer have ignored all my iris - not sure if this plant is on their 'no eat' list, but honestly, that list just doesn't pertain to my yard. The deer will eat my rhododendrons, azaleas & hydrangeas. I also noticed they ate a bunch of my columbine flowers. So I'm quite happy to let these iris live in their unfenced beds. Feels good to let some plants have their full freedom!

I have this rather stunning dark bearded iris in my front bed by the house. I'm so glad to see it return - some tell me it is scented, but that might just be wishful thinking. It's up too high behind the fencing for me to actually test it this year, but I do know in previous year's it had only what I would call a 'flower scent' - you know, the smell that all fresh blooms have.

In certain lights it looks black, in others it looks like a shimmery purple. Great contrast to the greens of the bed it's in.

~ white flag iris ~
The white flag iris are usually the last to emerge & I'm glad to see them recover from the stomping they received earlier this year when I was planting plum trees in their area.

I just might have to go & pick a bunch of all the different iris to bring into the house. The weather is not cooperating this year - we've got cool, cloudy days & it rains more frequently than anticipated, which makes intense gardening on the weekends hit or miss. But honestly, the gardens are doing fine.

Now, if only the veggies would appreciate things & get growing!!

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