Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring Blooms - Part 1 (Butchart Gardens)

~ Butchart Gardens, Victoria, BC ~
On Friday, my mom & I went to Butchart Gardens while we were down in Victoria. The morning started off a bit chilly & overcast, but that didn't stop us from arriving early - so early that we were the 2nd car in the lot & they weren't 'officially' open just yet.

With map in hand, we were immediately blasted with blooms. I will share with you some of the tulip photos I took. I LOVE tulips, but hesitate to grow my own due to the deer & the wet winters that drown them. (remember I tend to not grow things that require digging up once they are done blooming - requires too much effort).

In the Sunken Gardens, there were waves & waves of tulips with understory plants - mostly forget-me-nots. I really can't describe the experience fully, so I'll just share some of my favourite photos.

This is the most bizarre tulip but how can you not love it?

If I could hire a gardener, I would have lawns that looked like this too!
I have a few more photos that I'll share tomorrow - but needless to say, I am so glad to have spent the day wandering through the tulips - even if I couldn't touch all of them! What is it with those of us who love-love-love something so much that we HAVE to touch them all? It was torture seeing all the 'Stay on the Path' signs...


Scotkat said...

Thankyou Greenthumb so beautiful .

I have happy memories of 3yrs ago when we visited and all the Fuchsias were in bloom.

Thankyou for sharing

Ruth said...

How beautiful. I love how cute the forget-me-nots look under the tulips.