Monday, May 21, 2012

Greenhouse Green-ness

~ May 8 - peppers & tomatoes ~
I'm adjusting to a new 'lifestyle' in how I will be gardening this year. It's tough - I'm working a 9-5 job now, hopefully for just the summer months & I'm finding it really difficult finding time to spend in the gardens like I've become accustomed to.

It's amazing how some plants will just carry on without constant daily checks. Currently, my 'babies' in the greenhouse seem to be doing just fine & it's not until I study my photos that I see just how well they are doing.

I'm growing much fewer tomatoes than I did last year. Last year wasn't very successful for harvesting - the plants just wanted to grow tall, lanky & not develop any fruit. I have 3 cherry varieties - one is supposed to be an early producer, but out here that has yet to be proven. So, I've only got 7 on the go.

The peppers were an experiment last year & surprised me in many ways. They got a virus of some sort & I ended up picking over 75% of the leaves off all the plants. But they bounced back & gave me lots of lovely red peppers. This year I still have lots - 8 plants, but when it came time to move them from their 4 inch starter pots to their 1 gallon pots for the year, I was extremely picky. Only the strongest ones made the cut. It was so hard to toss the others away, but I've got to learn sometime it's ok to let the excess go to the compost pile!

~ May 19 - peppers & tomatoes ~
When I planted up the seedlings, I put down a healthy scoop of homemade compost & used fresh soil. I always use fresh soil in my pots & this year's soil is still not what I'm looking for. It's got a lot of vermiculite in it, which I find floats to the surface of the soil & forms a crust. Am still working on the soil issues...

The pots were topped up just the other day & I added some Epsom salts to the top & watered well.

Bingo-bango! They are loving life, such as it is in the greenhouse that is lucky to see me for 5 minutes each day.

Now, if only the warm weather would return to get them really growing!

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Ruth said...

I am envious of your peppers. Mine refuse to develop...