Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Who's Fooling the Month of April?

~ raindrops on lupins ~
April 1st was a grand day here in Bamfield. The sun was shining & it was warm! Finally...

I won't mention the days that have followed...

Since our weather really isn't feeling very 'spring-like' these days, there not much physical gardening being done, so I usually just take the camera around instead of a garden tool.

~ raindrops on lupins ~
I really love a lot of the wild flowers that grow around here & the lupins seem to be doing very well where I have them planted. I need to figure out how to either divide the plant or start new plants from seed to get them growing in other places. I have seen some stunning lupins - hybrids no doubt - elsewhere, but because there are so many wild ones around, I wouldn't want to spend the money on buying one of a special colour to only have it cross pollinate with the wild one (either purples or pinks) & revert to the wild colour.

~ bluebell ~
The bluebells are starting to emerge & I really should write these down on my 'get more' list - which always seems to 'get lost' when it's time for purchasing bulbs.

I'm ever so grateful we don't have rabbits or else I'm sure these would never get to bloom! You might not be able to tell very well in the photo, but the plant behind is actually a heavily munched on Sweet William - or at least I think that's what it is as I was throwing out seeds by the handful last year in the vain hopes that something would be missed by those marauding deer!

~ tiger lily ~
Another great wild flower is the tiger lily. It's a great fall addition for blooms & the green fills in any holes left over by spring bulbs. The silly things like to produce their seeds in the area between where their leaves grow out from the stem, but it makes for convenient seed collection. I've been gathering them for years & then walking around with pocket-fulls of seeds to stab in all over the place. I'm sure in about 5 years I'll be over run with tiger lilies & giving them away by the wheelbarrow load.

But for now, I'll just admire the green shoots & wait for the show in September.

~ calendula ~
Of the few things that I left in the greenhouse over the winter, the calendula seems to be the furthest along. No doubt some random seed fell into the soil while I was rooting out the 10 foot tomato plants (with no tomatoes on them) or while I was emptying pots of soil into the greenhouse bed & working in manure & compost.

I have some calendula still growing in my deck pots - they over wintered very well, but this one will be the first to bloom. I should take more seeds & start stabbing them in the flowerbeds. They don't seem to mind the cool, wet weather.
~ lovage ~

The sun was just remarkable & shining on the lovage leaves in such a way that it just invited me to pinch off a leaf or two to eat. If you've never tasted fresh lovage, you surely are missing out on great flavour. Well, if you grow you own celery, you'll have something very similar.

~ compost that just won't quit ~
I've been composting a lot of kitchen scraps the last few weeks - some of which I just dump onto my rhubarb plants & some of which actually makes it into my compost tumbler.

This is bok choy which has decided it doesn't want to be done just yet. The 'bum end' of the bunch landed just right & it's been relatively protected from the rains, so it's put out new leaves. I'll have to check on it next week & see if I can cut them off for a nice tasty treat. I've got celery that does the same thing. A fun experiment to try in your own yard with the kids. Again - as long as you don't have rabbits...

That was the way April entered our town this year. I rather enjoyed the day & hope for more to return!

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