Saturday, April 21, 2012

First Deer Sighting of the Year

The other day - early evening - I witnessed my first deer sighting on the property.

Sure, there was plenty of evidence that deer had previously been around: nibbled shrubs, spring bulbs pulled out, magically disappearing chives & other fresh greens, piles of droppings (fertilizer)...

But this was my first time to observe the critter(s). Looks quite healthy & was more concerned about the dogs barking up the hill on another property than about me watching it from the deck.

It very casually walked onto the property, by-passed the plum trees just starting to leaf out (thank you!) & stopped for a moment to eat some grass. It then carried on its merry way to the back of the property & exited through the snarly brush onto the wilds of the neighbour's land.

So long, farewell, hope you don't think my land is tastey...

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