Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Therapist is Required

This weekend brought a return of unpredictable weather where you aren't sure if you should wear 2 or 3 layers. Rain gear is an unquestionable must, but will it be cold or mild??

The photo here is showing a good hard hail storm - I'm so glad we didn't put a metal roof on the house because even this was deafening!

The pea-sized hail was bouncing pretty high up off the deck & I don't want to think about what it was doing to all those tender shoots & flowers that are out there! 

The power was out for most of Vancouver Island yesterday after we got nailed with hurricane force winds & torrential rain. We lay awake in bed feeling the house shaking like it was in an earthquake & wondered if the roof would blow off!! The sun did emerge for a few hours, though, before the clouds blew back in bringing more hail & even a thunder storm!

But the power returned late yesterday morning (this morning I hear on the radio that thousands are still without power on the other side of the island!) & I'm watching the flames in the pellet stove as they heat the house up.

Outside, there is a 'light dusting of hail' - I wouldn't call that snow.

It feels like a set-back, but honestly, we get this type of weather every spring - usually right into the middle of April (I keep pretty good notes) which is why I'm not planting many seeds out til the end of April.

I would put more plastic covers on the raised beds, but with the winds that blast through the property, they would be ripped off & trashed every year & cause a bit more of a headache than a head-start. The top bed in the photo has a plastic cover that needs adjusting & there are peas planted in there. I have a soil thermometre that has been pretty consistent in reading 5 degrees Celcius for the last month & a half. I wonder what it's reading today...

Now, the therapy question - I'm not in need of it (yet), but I seriously think Mother Nature needs to sit down with someone & discuss this whole issue of '2 steps forward, 1 step back'. I (& many other gardeners) get out in the February sunshine & work our butts off to get things ready (pruning, mulching, feeding, clearing) & then we have to sit around for the next 2 months waiting for Her to make Her mind up that it is indeed spring & time for planting.

It feels like She gives us 2 seasons of Winter each year!! I find the first one hard enough to deal with...

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