Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yarden Reorganization

Over the course of trying to design my landscape around the house these last 3 years, I've done lots - some successful & some not so successful. I've now come full circle - sort of - and have to do a bit of tweaking.

Hence: Yardening Reorganization!

That means a lot of transplanting...

Project One was to find the rhubarb in the front yard & if it wasn't drowned, find new homes for it. I won't show you pictures of the root ball - I did a nasty job of digging it up, mainly because it wasn't budding yet & I wasn't 100% sure where in the ground it was. I feel bad that I butchered it so badly, but after a few days in the rain (yes, I didn't plant them immediately!) they started to bud!

The first one I planted on the south side of my greenhouse. The soil here is great!! I did have to dig out a few large pieces of woody debris & roots, but I can't believe how black & lush the soil is. Worms every where!

Now, it looks like it's going to be growing in the shade, but later this week the cedar tree that is about 15 feet away is going to be cut down & the roots dug out. I have high hopes for a glass greenhouse at some time in the future...

I put a shovelful of half-matured compost in the hole, along with some bone meal, carefully put in the root ball & filled in the hole. I wonder if I planted them too deep previously... Well, I've got glass over this one & will put some fresh compost on it later in the week.

The second plant I put on the south end of one of my veggie beds. The bed in the upper left of the photo has the other 2 rhubarb plants along it's south side as well. They warm up nicely in the spring.

The soil here too was quite nice & I amended it with another shovelful of compost & bone meal. The plastic sheet probably won't last too long, if we get any spring storms, but a bit of protection is a good idea in case we get any more spring frosts.

These are my 2 oldest plants - living quite happily with a load of fresh compost & under the plastic shelter. I put this compost on well over a week & a half ago - thank you Mother Nature for keeping the critters away. (It's mostly crows that find goodies like this which is why I use the plastic sheeting so much).

I think in another week or 2 I'll find my black buckets & put them on top to encourage stalk growth & I might be harvesting fresh rhubarb in another month or so!

blueberries with raspberries
Project Two was to remove the very large black currant bush that lived much too close to the raspberries. You can see what this area used to look like back at the beginning of the month on this post at the bottom. Very crowded...

I had forgotten that currant shrubs put down very long tap roots, so I was digging much more than expected & probably did a bit more damage than necessary, trying to reef that shrub out.

Now there is much more room around the raspberries & I don't have to fight my way in around the plants to pick the berries.

I've redone the deer fencing & have just used rebar with fishing line. I know the fishing line won't last much more than 2 years, which is fine by me - I'm using the old stuff off our fishing poles... This year I've added an extra bar to create a 'gate' so that I can pull out a rebar and get in to pick berries or mow.

The blueberries need to be pruned still, but I just feel so bad for them - the deer munched on them heavily this winter (well, one at least) & they are still in 'recovery mode' from the munching they received the year before - that was before I installed fencing.

Project Three was to relocate all the berry shrubs - except the blueberries. The large one is that blackcurrant I hauled out from the raspberry patch. I have 2 black currants, 3 small red currants & 4 very small gooseberries.

I realized one thing I haven't been doing very well & that is feeding these shrubs. They need much more mulch during the year too.

It's rather difficult to see the shrubs - they will look better once they have leafed out. But they are nicely spaced out & will have some of my simple rebar-fishing line fencing installed very shortly.

The wooden pallet behind is my loganberry patch - I pruned it severely this year & will make some amendments to the fence to get them growing more vertical as I lost many berries last year because the canes were flopped on the ground.

This is the start of Project Four was the placement of some new raised boxes in a very dead part of our front yard. We have sown grass, put down new soil, altered the drainage & it still remains dead.

The cedar boxes need to be attached to each other with some rebar - the same way the long one at the bottom of the photo was done. I'm hoping that this will be done by the weekend so that I can start to fill it.

I do not foresee having these in use until next year - possibly next fall. I'm going to be filling them with pruning & cutting debris for this year which should start to break down & provide a base within the box.

I am looking at the placement & think I might move the one on the right a little more to the right...

So, it's been a busy couple of weeks for February. But once this is finished, I can focus on planning the veggie beds & working on a dirt pile that needs to disappear & rocks that need to be raked. I'm so glad that our February's are like this - it feels good to be outside getting the hands dirty!

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