Sunday, February 12, 2012

Taking Time to Read

Now that I've entered into my 'Spring Fever' stage, Mother Nature comes along & forces me to take a break. Today is raining - just enough to make playing in the garden really messy & not really worth the effort of fully encasing ones-self in rubber gear.

I will confess that I did plant a few pea seeds... The ground is warm enough (about 5 degrees Celsius) & the pots I'm going to grow peas in are tucked up on the deck under the eaves & out of direct downpour water.

I have a lot of seeds left over from last year, so didn't purchase any new pea seeds. I didn't keep very good record of which of my peas did very well (I got the snap pea, the sugar pea & the shelling pea!! plus a soup pea from 2009...) but I know that all the peas I planted last year took a very long time to mature - I was just starting to eat them in July!!

I will start slowly - 4 pots on the deck with snap peas. I'll dig out my tomato cages & see if the peas will grow up the cages - even though the package says they don't need trellising. I'll move them around from the west side of the deck to the south side so that they can warm up - if the sun ever shines again!

Another great thing to do on a rainy day, especially when all your seeds have been ordered already, is to read a book on gardening. I got 2 this winter & have just remembered where I put them!

Today's read is written by Linda Gilkeson. I went to one of her Seedy Saturday talks last year, but was unable to attend this year's talk in Qualicum Beach. I did however buy her book from her & am about the brew a pot of tea & delve into the world of year round West Coast gardening.

I have one of her other books - Year Around Harvest: Winter Gardening on the Coast & if I recall, her writing style is very much like her speaking style: very down to earth, simple to understand & nothing too fancy. She has a great sense of humour & is able to make any novice gardener feel more at ease with the daunting task of starting something new.

I'm looking forward to this book - I'm sure it will spark something inside to give me a few 'ah-ha' moments this summer.

ps- if you go to garden talks, alway-always-always bring your own pen & paper, maybe a couple extras for others to use. I forgot last year & missed out on a lot of tips & tricks. I also promptly forgot some vital information that a grower gave me about the mulberry tree I purchased....

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