Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spindly Sprouts

 Last Friday I couldn't hold out any longer & planted up some lettuce seedlings. I chose 4 varieties & 4 small pots each. There is wild Arugula, garden Purslane, Super Gourmet salad mix & Oriental Saladini mix. I'm craving fresh greens & just might resort to harvesting some weeds to get me through the next few weeks!

I pressed the seeds into the soil mix (sterile seed starter & 'houseplant' soil)  after watering the soil first. I then put them down on the heated floor of the bathroom to germinate. The floor temperature varies from 18 to 28 degrees, so no wonder that they sprouted by Sunday the 19th!!

I quickly grabbed my 'grow lights' - very wimpy things & installed my spring growing shelves up in the living room sliding glass door window. The seedlings didn't actually get in place until Monday. As you can see, they are spindly little things...
#1) The seedlings should have been moved into the light & cooler temperatures on Sunday instead of Monday.

#2) The 'grow lights' I have are too weak - I'm not even sure what they put out or what kind they are. I've been doing a bit of research & need to do a whole lot more!

#3) The light tubes themselves are too short!! The seedling pots on either end of the tray do not have the light directly over top the seedlings, so the seedlings lean into the light & I need to move them around at least once a day in order for them to receive the proper amount of light.

So - I'm going to write up a list of things to pick up at the hardware store tomorrow when we journey into town. I don't need much as this part of gardening doesn't require months of work nor copious amounts of potted seedlings & trays. I always over plant - always. Until I can successfully maintain a good supply of plants in a healthy state in order to sell them to my neighbours, I am going to learn to keep things down to a dull roar... yeah right. I planted 16 pots of lettuce seedlings on February 17th...I'm off to a 'small' start!

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