Monday, February 6, 2012

Seed Geek

Seed Order 2012
I'm a bit of a 'Seed Geek', but I'm so excited about them right now, I can't help it! Not all my seeds arrived today - I hope the rest come with the potatoes when they are shipped out, but this will do very nicely for the rest of the week. I hope I can hold out til the weekend before grabbing a few trays & planting a few seeds...

Now, this is my 2nd year ordering from West Coast Seeds & I have a lot more than just these packages left from last year. Last year was a bit of a disappointment (disaster) for me, which I'm willing to mark down as part of 'figuring things out'. What did really well was all the different lettuce & greens. So I got lots more!

New Seeds 2012:
     * Venture Blue Lake bush beans
     * Scarlet Runner beans (Two Wings Farm - purchased as the Seedy Saturday in Qualicum Beach on the weekend)
     * Kabocha Buttercup squash
     * Sunburst Scallopini summer squash

Greens & Lettuces:
     * Tangy Mesclun blend (red & green lettuce, arugula, endive, green onions & upland cress)
     * Amish Deer Tongue
     * Red Leaf (Een Choi) Amaranth

Edible Herbs:
     * Rosemary (yes, I grow rosemary from seed...)

'Something Pretty for the Yard & for the Pollinators':
     * Yellow Achillea (Yarrow)
     * Bee Balm (Bergamot)
     * Osaka Pink flowering Kale

     * Free pack of sunflower seeds to promote pollinators (what WCS is promoting this year)

Doesn't seem like a lot - mostly greens, but I have a lot of seeds left over from last year - a lot... I'm going to make my '2012 Plan' in the next few weeks but honestly, it's taking a bit of a backseat in my priority list. I have a few large spring projects that I need to accomplish in the next week - cross your fingers for the continuance of the sunshine & I'll make sure to share with you some of my yard reorganization & new additions.

(hint: think decorative shrubs - already mentioned: rhodos & new additions: fruit trees & reorganization: transplanting ALL the berry shrubs)

ps - the plants in the photo are my scented geraniums that I have over-wintered inside. They have turned into giants, but when I need a pick-me-up, I just brush my hands through the leaves & the whole house smells wonderful! Will be taking some cuttings very shortly, now that I have some soil...


Heather said...

I have the same packet of Rosemary Seeds, this will be my first time trying to grow them from seed. I hope with my new greenhouse set up I will have great success.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

How fun to have all those seeds. I'm getting ready to start some soon too, just digging out all the supplies. Sounds like you have a lot of hard work to do hope the sun held out for it.