Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Return to Winter?

I won't take any photos today - it's snowing... Well, sort of rain & snow combined, but it's pretty cold outside, so it might stay snow over night. What a sense of humour Mother Nature has!

Just yesterday I was out raking the neighbour's yard, gathering leaf mold to use as mulch around the newly transplanted berry bushes. A little bit of bone meal, blood meal, lime & wood ash to feed them & they should be good for another month.

I also cut down the only 2 cedar trees on the property to make way for the white mulberry tree - which was planted - and a future glass greenhouse. I got the 3 dwarf rhodos in the ground too!

I've had a great weekend & I'm sort of thinking Mother Nature decided to give me a day off.

So, I'm making marmalade instead!

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