Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Is is a Science Experiement? Part 2

Just an update on my pear wine.

I managed to siphon out most of the mystery mold, but left this large chunk in a pickle jar - just to see what will happen.

I put most of the wine into a sterilized 3 gallon carboy - filled to the top with only 1 inch of head-space. There was extra liquid that I put into 1 litre pop bottles (3 of them) with saran wrap on the top. The smaller bottles are living under the island counter beside the dishwasher, so will be warmer than the carboy, which is living back in the office.

The 'science experiement' (as the husband calls it) just lives either on the stove or the counter.

I will probably re-rack the carboy at the end of the week as there is a lot of sediment falling to the bottom. It's still active with small bubbles forming along the top.

When I inadvertently tasted the wine, it did not taste like vinegar! Yay!! But it was a bit bitter. I shall just have to keep an eye on it for the next 6 months, racking it more often than I do with other wines.

Learned my lesson - 1) pay greater attention to sterilization of tools,
                                2) wash fruit (especially larger fruit, such as pears & apples) before freezing,
                                3) top up the carboy so there is very little head-space (use white grape juice for light wines & red grape juice for dark wines).

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