Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Finishing a Story

 I thought I should conclude my 'Tomato Houseplant' story while it's raining outside & I want to wait for a nicer day to show updates of my 'spring 2012 chores'.

We 'went away' for 3 weeks in January & the tomato wouldn't be able to ripen on the plant, so I thought I would take it with me & see how long it would take to ripen on a window sill.

My husband was nervous about us bringing a vegetable through customs to the US, but I didn't receive any questionable looks.

The photo above is of the tomato on January 18th in the window sill in Cape Canaveral, Florida - yes, clear across the country!! But it still wasn't fully ripe, so I wrapped it back up & it went on another journey with us...

This time, we went back up to Canada to my sister's place, just west of Calgary, Alberta. From sunshine to snow! This 2nd photo was on January 23rd, most likely the day we decided to eat it. I honestly can't tell you much about the flavour - it was mixed up in a salad & I forgot to test it by itself. Must have been pretty unremarkable. I still don't know what variety it was; more than likely one of my 'cherry' tomatoes that grew too large & took too long to mature in the greenhouse.

We'll see what happens this year with the tomatoes. But it was kinda something special being able to eat a homegrown tomato in the middle of winter!!

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