Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Slowly Emerging from Hibernation

Well, Christmas & New Year's just flew by & today is a typical stormy January day on the West Coast. Actually, it's really ugly - am counting down the hours til the power goes out! I almost wish I hadn't bothered to get out of bed, but one thing has been making me excited for each new day. My West Coast Seeds catalogue arrived in the mail right around Christmas time & it is giving me that little nudge to start thinking about my garden plans for this year.

Speaking of 'plans' - I seem to make all these glorious 'plans' & then have them not be realized later on in the year. I won't say they fail, because there are great successes each year. I shouldn't say I reach for too much, because what is life without a few challenges. But I do seem to find that at the end of each year, I have to take stock of what I want to accomplish & what I actually do accomplish.

Each New Year, I find myself facing an attitude adjustment when it comes to my gardens. I just re-read some of my 2011 Garden Plan posts (here and here) and I can see where some things may have gone wrong.

1) I planned too much - too much on paper, too much to plan & too much to tend. I know I tend to have the idea that the more variety, the better & if I throw 100 things in, at least 10 or 20 are bound to survive...

Too much.

2) Also, it was a wet spring & I think I took the rain covers off the raised beds too soon.

3) I also took a giant step back from my gardens. I realize that I have an obsessive & addictive personality & I saw last year that there really wasn't all that noticeable a difference in my gardens from obsessively weeding it to practical neglect. Yes, I forced myself to NOT weed last summer. It was actually depressing that I didn't need to weed as much as I thought I had to. But that's one less stressful thing to worry about in the busy days of summer. I will see how it works again this year - will be interesting to see what pops up where!

4) But there were other great things that worked out too: the water collection barrels did marvelous, I harvested potatoes that last right through Christmas, the lettuce I could barely keep up with there was so much & the herbs were amazingly prolific.

So, I'm going to brew up another cup of tea & sort through what's left from last year's seed purchase & put in another order! I can't wait to get my hands dirty again soon!

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