Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Mysteries of House Plants

I have a 'love-hate' relationship with most of my house plants. I could never live without plants in the house, but they confound me some of the time.

Take the magical & mystical appearance of a tomato plant in one of my snake plants...

I have no idea how a seed managed to find its way into the pot - I'm very strict about proper potting soil & not allowing people to just randomly drop things in them - not even cutesy decorations like beach glass or sea shells...

So, I've been watching this poor tomato sprout & develop the last few weeks & now I see that there are flower buds on it. Experiment??

Unfortunately, it's growing with a plant that really doesn't have the same requirements - actually, the opposite in fact. Tomatoes like lots of water & food & for the most part, I neglect the snake plants & they seem to enjoy it.

Well, we shall see who holds out the longest: me, the tomato plant or the snake plant.

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Providence Acres Farm said...

I love surprise gardening! I hope it turns out to be something great!