Monday, November 28, 2011

The Mysteries of House Plants - part 2

November 19

Tomato houseplant is producing flowers.

Gave it a shake or 2, talked 'dirty' to it in the hopes that some abuse will encourage it to continue to try to prove me wrong (that a snake plant & tomato can't share the same accommodation without one or the other suffering in the extreme).

Headed out of town for the weekend.
November 28

Tomato houseplant has actually set a fruit!

Had to do a big rescue today as I'm really good at ignoring houseplants in the winter. It's amazing how quickly some water will revive a tomato plant!

Am wondering if I should give it a does of fertilizer or Epsom salt to continue encouraging growth... So far, haven't given it anything other than water...

Will give it a turn in the window, talk 'dirty' to it again & monitor plant health over the next short while. Might even consider trimming the top to discourage more flowers in the hopes that this single fruit will ripen in time for Christmas.

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