Sunday, October 9, 2011

Visiting the Pear Tree

Well, it's still kind of difficult to see exactly what I meant last week about this being a 'Monster Pear Tree' but I thought I'd share a photo anyway. I went by a couple days ago to see if there were many that had fallen down that I could gather - the lower branches here are picked clean by me (the pears still sitting downstairs trying to ripen up). But it looks like the bear has found easy snacks of all the windfalls.

There were 2 rather large piles of fruity-poo & almost zero pears on the ground. I don't know if the bears will climb this ancient tree, although I'm told that the kids up the road have been known to do so...maybe I should ask them to do it again & shake down a few more bags for me!

Anyway - I'm going to take a walk today & check it out. I have the feeling I will have to wander by almost everyday to see if there are windfall pears that I can gather before the bear snacks on them...

Still - it's a lovely tree!

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